BlogHerald for Sale

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BlogHerald is up for Sale and I’m totally shocked. Duncan Riley did not even tell me about it even though he’s one my directors in b5media. I should have guessed it since Darren was talking about it a few days back…

Read the interview by Darren Rowse on the sale with Duncan Riley

Why are you Selling BlogHerald?

A number of reasons. Firstly Ive identified that there is now a perception that I have a conflict of interesting writing about blog networks when I’m an owner of one. Whether this is fair or not I guess doesn’t come into it because the perception is there, despite me having written the blog for 3 years. Also becoming a full time Problogger back in December means I can always do with the money :-) The capital from the sale will fund my mortgage for atleast the next 12 months and allow me to finish off my house whilst building up income from other blogs and from b5media.

The Blog Herald sale interview

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