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Sex is as old as time, and yet it continues to be a taboo or semi-taboo subject in many cultures. With the changes that technology has brought, however, this topic has also become more openly discussed in many venues – the Internet being at the forefront.

If you have questions or concerns about healthy sexual activity, one of the best places to visit online is CaptainCupid, which can be found at This site is all about providing education to the general public in terms of healthy sexual activity, safety regarding sexually-oriented products, and other related subjects.

The site is a mix match of articles, videos, polls, and images. On top of practical advice from the experts, you can also learn from the experiences of others – celebrities, for example. Not that celebrities are automatically experts in the subject, but people do like reading about what these people do.

If you want open discussion without bias and judgement, CaptainCupid is the place to go.

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