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Inspiration. We all need some of that at one point or another.

Some people seem to be naturally inspired, with little or no need to draw upon others. Some people need a little bit of encouragement more than others.

Whichever group you belong to, I think you will find this blog a brilliant source of inspirational things to do in one place.

The idea is simple: the blog entries are mainly lists of 5 things that you can easily do in one day. Some lists are ultra focused while others are of a more general nature. For example, there is a list that’s all about taking a break. You may not think it, but you may actually be in dire need of a break – whether it’s from work, from the Internet, from stress, or whatever other things.

The beauty of the blog’s concept is that you only look at 5 things at a time. That should be simple enough to get going, right?

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