The Neurosis Files

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The Neurosis Files

The Neurosis Files is the personal blog of June, who describes herself as an obsessive woman seeks personality reduction. With that tag line alone, I suppose many of us can already feel some sort of connection to June, who writes about everything that vexes her, as well as all the things that amuse her.

Just like many other personal blogs, June’s journal covers a lot of ground, so you can expect a wide assortment of topics ranging from women’s jeans and shopping to relationship issues to parking to books to family anecdotes.

June has been blogging since 2011, so she has written quite a lot of entries, making sure that her readers will not be lacking for an amusing experience. While you may not know June personally, reading her blog entries will definitely give you a glimpse into her life and person.

Who knows? You just might make a new friend if you pay her blog a visit.


  1. says

    I adore this woman’s writing. It’s funny, intelligent, and no-nonsense, tell it like it is.
    There’s a subtle hint of sarcasm to posts that read so simple and almost innocent. They draw you in, hook you, then leave you laughing until your sides split!

  2. says

    June is ONE neurotic therapist and I like that. When I had an appointment with her, she lay on the couch and I took notes.

    Very funny writer. And not a spec of mommy blogging.

  3. Buzz says

    The blog is funny, irreverent and original. Unlike another commenter, I don’t find the sarcasm subtle, but think it works well.

  4. says

    oh how i love me some june. she causticly funny and so great a weaving delicious stories together. i wish we could have lunch together.

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