Cloud Computing & IT-Consulting

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Cloud Computing & IT-Consulting

Cloud Computing & IT-Consulting is the blog of Cloudtec, a Swiss company offering a wide variety of IT-related services. Some of them are: cloud computing, cloud readiness assessment, system engineering, web applications, search engine optimization, and mobile apps.

Their blog is a virtual showcase of their work, allowing clients – both potential and existing – a glimpse of what the company has to offer. Additionally, the blog offers practical information related to the company’s services. You can find blog entries featuring such as user manuals for specific products and/or services. There are also entries highlighting how-tos such as remote assistance on Windows 7, how to install fonts with command line or scripts, migrating from and old version of Microsoft Windows to the most recent one, and so on.

If you find yourself in need of IT services, and you’re based in Switzerland, do yourself a favor and get in touch with the guys at Cloudtec. They can make your life so much easier!

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