Yet another Scrum blog

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Yet another Scrum blog

Yet another Scrum blog is the blog of Sebastian Radics, a Scrum master with about four years of Scrum experience behind him. He also has about 13 years of software development to his name, lending credibility to everything he shares in his blog.

In case you’re not familiar with Scrum, it is a method used to manage software projects, as well as and product or application development. It is known for challenging traditional management methods, and one of its strength lies in its feedback loop.

In the blog, you can learn so much about Scrum. The regular weekly Scrum readings provided, for example, should be mandatory for anyone using the method. Additional insight is provided on different topics such as creating a learning and social networking environment for your team members, alternatives to burndown charts, how to communicate in a non-violent way, and so much more. You can also pick up book ideas from which you can benefit.


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    I just started developing series of web based games to teach and practice SCRUM and Kanban. Till now I have just worked on a game called Ones game and can be accessed at the following URL:

    Please, try the version “Auto Mode with parameters” to run the game in auto mode with configurable parameters. This version of game also plots various graphs for visual feedback.

    Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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