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One Time Password and Two Factor Authentication

SecurEnvoy are the “original inventors of tokenless authentication”, with the goal of “to design innovative solutions that take advantage of the users mobile phones or other personal devices as the “something you own” part of two factor authentication and resolve issues that have prevented their adoption such as SMS delays, no phone signal or soft token synchronisation problems.”

They were there to address security issues right after the first text message was sent, and they continue to work hard to ensure that consumers have the right information and tools to bar unauthorized access.

They have a blog, where you can read more about their products and general information on topics such as one time password and two factor authentication. The blog covers news and updates related to security, which should be enough to convince anyone that security is indeed a serious issue. They also announce updates about the company, their products, and their clients.

To learn more about what they can do for you, this site is your first step.

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