Spectacular Is

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Photo fashion blog about glasses

How do you describe spectacular? Obviously, descriptions will vary from one person to another, but this blog has put a good spin to the incomplete phrase “Spectacular Is…”

The blog uses that phrase as its name, and it suits the content perfectly. How does a photo fashion blog about glasses sound?

Maybe not to spectacular, but once you get a glimpse of the content, you will probably agree with the blog’s name.

Spectacular Is is all about featuring various Los Angeles citizens wearing their SPECtacles. So yes, it really is all about the glasses. The idea is a novel one, and the results are pretty. Literally pretty.

Anyone from LA can get involved in the blog. All you need to do is visit their contact page and follow the instructions. You will then have to do a photoshoot, and voila, you’ll be the next featured spectacular person!

Who said glasses make you look un-cool?

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