Alexandre Rodriguez. A Guide to Life

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Alexandre Rodriguez. A guide To Life

Alexandre Rodriguez. A Guide to Life is the blog of Alexandre, born in Camberley, Surrey. He is currently at the L’Université de Grenoble in France.

His blog, as the name says, is all about his own take on life. In essence his blog is a personal blog which touches on a wide variety of topics – practically anything and everything that the blogger thinks about. His goal is to connect with other people in the hopes of bringing smiles to their faces.

To give you an idea of what catches Alexandre’s interest, here are some blog entry titles:

  • Lack of Mafia Films
  • The Four Most Stupid Battles
  • Massive Mobile Homes
  • Justice League Film
  • 5 Reasons why Cannabis will not be made Legal in the UK
  • 2013 – A Look at the Year Ahead
  • A Love Affair With Linux
  • Top Five Hybrid Cats
  • Why I Hate Glee

I don’t know about you, but those titles are more than enough to incite me to start reading and discovering the person behind the blog!

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