The Rascally Rabbit

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The Rascally Rabbit: A Bikram Yoga Trip

The Rascally Rabbit: A Bikram Yoga Trip is the blog of Melissa Briggs, who loves painting, doing crafty glitter projects with her four and two year old, and consuming all her carbohydrates after eight pm. And obviously, she also loves Bikram Yoga.

Yoga is perhaps one of the most popular pastimes-exercise regimens-healthy lifestyle choices today. What many might not know is that there are many different kinds of yoga, and Bikram is one of them. This type of yoga is all about doing the positions in a heated room. What that is like, I am sure you’ll have an inkling of when you read Melissa’s blog entries!

As the blog title says, it is all about Melissa’s Bikram yoga trip, and you do get a LOT of details from her journey. Her dedication in chronicling her experience is admirable, and you’ll definitely have your own trip as you read the entries. Oh, and you just might get into Bikram yourself.

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