ADP Compliance Insights

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ADP Compliance Insights is a site about Tax, HR and payment compliance legislative insights. Services offered in the site are mainly Payroll, Human Resource and Financial Systems. This are made possible through its Smart Compliance Platform. The site includes several interesting topics such as, wage payment, employment tax, tax credits, unemployment claims and wage garnishments. Articles under these topics came from two authors who are experienced and well established in the field of finance.

LaRae Pieroni and Kerstin Nemec are both authors of the helpful and interesting articles in the ADP Compliance Insights. Both are professionals and have proved themselves in the industry.

LaRae Pieroni is the Senior Director, West Region Practice for ADP Tax Credit Services. She has experience in National Account for over 16 years. LeRae Pieroni also has published works like the California Enterprise Zone (CA EZ) that is posted on The Journal of Multi-State Taxation. She has been managing finance related accounts mainly in California.

While Kerstin Nemec was with Big 4 public accounting firm as a national partner, she was in the company for over 12 years and was able to help with the development of the Big 4. Now she is a Vice-President, Business Incentives and is in charge of tax credit teams across the country.

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