Penguin Initiatives

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Penguin initiatives

WordPress, undoubtedly, is the most widely used blog platform today. It is not only easy to use but it also has a lot of useful plugins that make blogging very productive. Currently, websites around the globe that use WordPress number more than 73 million.

Blogs using this popular platform are written in more than 120 languages and right now, publishers are using WordPress in creating different kinds of sites from news, magazines and sports to social networks and company sites.

Publishers, bloggers and developers wanting to learn more about ways to improve their work and know the latest trends in WordPress should not miss following the Penguin Initiatives website. It also offers valuable information on Google Chrome extensions and tips on content marketing using the various social media platforms.

Penguin Initiatives, a WordPress Themes & Plugins blog, covers everything from providing guides to WordPress users as well as information on hosting, plugins and themes. The site is very straightforward thereby allowing visitors to focus on the content they are searching for.

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